Paint Protection

Paint Protection should be added to any any vehicle to give more luster, shine and longevity to it’s paintwork. It’s initially used on new vehicle’s bought straight from the dealership. It can be applied at any time during your vehicle’s life and should then be topped up yearly along with regular valeting.

Paint Protection has been developed to protect a vehicle’s paintwork. Hence it is not called New Car Paint Protection.

Audi - Detailed by Bristol Mobile Valeting
Audi – Detailed by Bristol Mobile Valeting
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Which Car’s Benefit?

Many people buy the car they have really looked forward to driving after many years of saving. By this time, if it is a car from their past, the paintwork has dulled. Booking a day of machine polishing and finishing with a protection will make the car look like new again.

Recently bought a vehicle you love, and are aiming to own it for a few years? Having the paintwork protected should be just a matter of course. This will keep you car looking great.

Which Paint Protection?

There are many protection systems on the market. The usual products used are Supagard or Diamond Brite.

There are now many protection systems you can buy from shops like Halfords. Which are just as good if not better than the highly advertised well known products.

Over the years we have applied all of the above and many more not so well known protection systems. All systems will make your vehicle look great and will protect the paint from UV and road grime as long as they are applied correctly.

However they all have different costs, and take different times to apply, so can slightly differ in price for application.

If you would like to discuss which treatment would be best for your vehicle, either of the main products or an aftermarket paint protection, then give us a call today. We will be happy to talk you through the options on 07944 907996