Contract Work

Contract Work is welcome at Bristol Mobile Valeting.

Company Contract Work is welcome under the understanding that payment must be received within 14 days of work being completed.

In addition further work will NOT be undertaken until the account has been paid in full.

We supply contract work for :- Truck Valeting, Van Valeting and Car Valeting also Lease Vehicle Valeting.

Van Valeted by Bristol Mobile Valeting 07944 907996
Van Valeted by Bristol Mobile Valeting 07944 907996
Bristol Mobile Valeting 07944 907996

Contract Work offered :-

Full Valets

Smell Removals

Mopping / Bodywork Machine Polishing

30 minutes of valeting

1 hour of valeting

Mini Valet

Interior Valet

Full Valet + Mopping + Paint Protection

Full Valet Plus Smell Removal

Bespoke and Extended Valets

We offer contract services for the more seriously dirty vehicles. Maybe they have been sat around for a few years. Maybe a little too smelly or even mouldy! This happens quite often in the vehicle valeting trade.

Services that require a quote, rather than straight pricing. Call us now to discuss if you think these apply to you on 07944 907996

We offer upgrades on Sealants and also upgrades of different Wax’s. These are all available on request. We also offer different prices on all valeting services.

In addition prices differ from Very Small 2 Seat Cars to Saloon Cars and from Estate Cars to People Carriers & 4×4’s. Larger vehicles and vehicles needing extra work e.g. dog hair removal, deep seat stain removal and smell removal will be charged as extra work accordingly.

Here are a list of areas we cover:-

All BS post codes including:-

BS1, BS2, BS3, BS4, BS5. BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9, BS10, BS11, BS12, BS13, BS14, BS15, BS16, BS17, BS18, BS19, BS20, BS21, BS22, BS23, BS24, BS25, BS26, BS27, BS28, BS29, BS30, BS31, BS32, BS33. BS34, BS35, BS36, BS37, BS38, BS39, BS40, BS41, BS42, BS43, BS44, BS45, BS46, BS47, BS48, BS49

Also Gloucester, Swindon, Taunton, Bath, and all surrounding areas of Bristol.